Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where Is Aangirfan?


Finally found them after a month!
Good to see them still writing!
Have to say I was worried for a while.
I must admit I missed my daily dose of Aang..
Hope this helps some of you who had no idea either..
Anng, If you read this can you tell us what happened.
I read you were locked out of blogger?

Cheers A13


Carol A. Valentine said...

Monkey I know how you feel.


dublinsmick said...

Yes they had to form a new one.

I cannot comment on many blogs, don't know if this one will take.

I still link some of my old ones there.


Anon said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Aangirfan

A13 said...

Thanks Aang xx You too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey, by chance do you know why Tom Burghardt's Antifascist-Calling hasn't seen a post in over a year? He's such a talented writer, researcher, investigative journalist.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering the same thing... Hope he didn't get black-bagged.