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GOOGLE = SKYNET...Welcome to the Future

With the intense exponential rise of the Financial Media Military Industrial Complex over the past decade or so..the merging of all into ONE..I have been reading and thinking about the future and what it holds/or is precisely planned..algorithm by algorithm..
Based upon centuries and decades of "improvements" brought about by "corp(se)orations"..I begin to think in Sci fi terms..I begin to think about the writings of the science fiction grand master Asimov..and beyond, to the influences of our modern it Huxley,Wells, Orwell..whomever you pick..what have these sages of Sci Fi and the scientific dictatorship been slowly and consciously planning for the "future"? Shameless and out in the open for all with eyes to see and working senses to feel....
It's starting to get beyond the realms of Sci-Fi unison, all around the world..
The question that i have wondered for decades – which capitalist company would become the ‘final capitalist’ company on top of the pyramid of global corporations (Classic science of economics) or ‘skynet’ (Modern audiovisual version), as human loose all their jobs in war and work fields to platoons of robots, controlled by Intranet programs,  is now clear.

Google, GOOG, which has now started a massive buying of the most advanced robotic and military systems, including SCHAFT, winner of DARPA and Boston dynamics, creator of PETMAN and its new, scary version, ATLAS, which added to TERRAMAX, vision system gives them the most advanced robotic system in the world.

Thus google has now made the two key moves to complete the creation of a perfect superorganism of machines, a perfect automated company-mother, able to exist free of all human interference and on top of that beat any human company, any human organized social group.

Why? And what it means for the Economic crisis and the future of mankind?
We shall answer those questions in due term, but first the news.In this article we shall consider 3 elements of this theme.

1. The buying of Boston Dynamics that finally triggered the understanding of people on the natural evolution of GOOG, from skynet to terminators.
2. The total number of companies bought by GOOG, which obviously has a single aim: to create the platoons of workers and soldiers that will extinguish us.
3. The Meaning of this for the future of history and the economic crises, according to the models of evolutionary economics of this web that forecasted the ‘future’ existence of this company as the collective brain of the Metal-earth.
4. The human side of it – the culture of children of thought, military bigots, techno-utopians and other niceties of the X, Y and Zero generations of mankind that are doing this, guiding mankind to extinction without even realizing of it.

Those were the news:

When Google announced earlier this month that a secret division of the company had been buying up robotics companies for the past six months the internet got excited.

When the news broke this week that they’d bought Boston Dynamics, the internet got really excited.
This is because Boston Dynamicsmakes some of the most fascinating and technologically advanced robots the web has seen – and thankfully they don’t stint in uploading footage of their creations toYouTube either.
Although the acquisition doesn’t mean that Google Glass-wearing robots are going to start tramping through your living room in an effort to complete work on Street View Home, it’s exciting to look at the varied creations that Boston Dynamics will be bringing to Google’s robotic stables and imagine a future where the search giant’s ‘Don’t be evil’ motto blends with Asimov’s first law of robotics.


Essentially a remote controlled car, SandFlea has one (really good) trick up its sleeve: it can jump up to 30 feet into the air. “That is high enough to jump over a compound wall, onto the roof of a house, up a set of stairs or into a second story window,” says Boston Dynamics. An onboard gyroscope keeps the bot level during its leap whilst a camera watches the ground to ensure a touchdown with minimum fuss.


Although PetMan is undoubtedly the most disturbingly life like of Boston Dynamic’s bots in terms of its realistic walking gait and flexing movements, it’s actually more of an elaborate mannequin than a functional robot. PetMan’s unsupported walking motion and displays of light calisthenics are all designed to stress-test protective clothing that will shield troops against chemical attacks.
However, to see the potential of humanoid bots, you need only look to Atlas, PetMan bigger brother. Atlas takes PetMan’s flexible frame and puts some muscle on those metal bones. Funded by Darpa, Atlas is currently being put through its paces as a possible first-responder in disaster situations. Click here to watch it in action.


BigDog and LS3

BigDog was Boston Dynamic’s first online star. About the size of a small mule or – unsurprisingly – a big dog, this quadrupedal toiler is built to tackle difficult terrain and carry heavy loads. It’s about three feet long, two and a half feet tall and weighs just over 100kg. It can carry loads of up to 150kg and was originally funded by DARPA alongside its bigger brother LS3 (above) to provide ground support to infantry troops.
LS3 builds on Big Dog’s capabilities, adding an array of cameras and sensors that allow it automatically follow a designated leader. It also responds to voice commands, and can be told to follow or hang back. Early tests of ‘roll over’, ‘beg’ and ‘kill’ were reportedly mixed.


Cheetah takes some of the leg design seen in Big Dog and LS3 but adapts it for pure speed. It currently holds the world record for the world’s fastest legged robot, topping out at 28.3mph and smashing the previous record of 13.1mph set in 1989.
Although in the video above the Cheetah is actually being powered by a hydraulic pump located off to one side of the treadmill, there’s reason to believe that these speeds – and faster – will soon be recorded outdoors. WildCat, Cheetah’s successor, can already run up to 16mph without assistance, although the 2-stroke go-cart engine powering the beast means you’d at least hear it sneaking up on you.


Rounding off this introduction to Boston Dynamics’ bots is perhaps the most endearingly determined of all the company’s creations; RHex is a small six-legged bot that has a number of “specialized gaits that devour rough terrain with minimal operator input”.
Essentially this means that although RHex’s walking style looks silly, it can happily splash through shallow streams and stamp its way over rocky paths. A fully sealed body keeps it working in any environment and it can also be remotely controlled by an operator up to 700 metres away. Let’s just hope that when Google doles out delivery duties, RHex gets the job rather than the terrifying PetMan.

Will Google aim its robots at service or combat?

Google Inc. (GOOG) recently made the seemingly baffling decision of taking arguably its brightest young executive — Android co-founder and vice president Andy Rubin – off his vital current post. Intrigue grew when it was revealed he had been appointed to a newly formed robotics unit, leading a secret projectthat he would only describe as “a moonshot”.

I. From Android Chief to Master of the Bots

Heads further turned when under his leadership Google began gobbling up local and international robotics firms at a frantic place.  At a top robotics competition, Google’s new properties dominated a battlefield of top university and commercial challengers.
It’s unclear where Google’s ultimate ambitions lie in terms of utilizing its news robotic army.  But it is clear that Google is looking to revolutionize robotics and change the future of mankind.

Andy Rubin
Robot master: Android cofounder, Google Robotics VP Andy Rubin
[Image Source: The New York Times]
As the eight acquisitions announced this month of various domestic and international firms come hot on the heels of the now infamous interview with, Inc. (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos, some have speculated the acquisitions may be a move to challenge Amazon in robotic done delivery.  Other are sure the flock of bots has something to do with Google’s existing self-driving car project.
But long story short, no one is quite sure what Google is up to.

II. The Army Swells
Thus far Google has purchased:
Google also has been acquiring talented roboticists in similar fashion.  It picked up machine learning expert Professor Geoffrey Hinton, who has worked at a variety of universities including Carnegie Mellon and (most recently) the University of Toronto.  Professor Hinton coinvented the backpropagation and contrastive divergence training algorithms for neural networks.

Ray Kurzweil
Ray Kurzweil is among Google’s recent robotics-aimed additions. [Image Source:]  

On Dec. 17 Ray Kurzweil – a famed proponent of a coming converged of artificial intelligence and humanity – was hired as a “Director of Engineering” at Google.

Google also hired Professor James Kuffner as a robotics research scientist.  Professor Kuffner has spent the last 20 years researching humanoid robots and teaching at Carnegie Mellon University and other schools.

III. Google’s Robotic Legion Shines at Military-Sponsored Contest
At the annual Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored Robotics Challenge Trials, held last weekend at the Miami Speedway in Florida, a pair of Google-owned research firms designed the first, second, and fourth place bots.

This year’s event was titled the “Rescue Challenge” and featured eight challenges which were supposed to simulate different disaster scenarios.  The challenge kicked off in June 2013 with a “Virtual Robotics Challenge” (VRC).  Last weekend’s challenge was the first of two real-world challenges.
The challenge goals were:
  1. Drive a utility vehicle at the site.
  2. Travel dismounted across rubble.
  3. Remove debris blocking an entryway.
  4. Open a door and enter a building.
  5. Climb an industrial ladder and traverse an industrial walkway.
  6. Use a tool to break through a concrete panel.
  7. Locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe.
  8. Connect a fire hose to a standpipe and turn on a valve.
Schaft Inc.’s 5 foot tall, 209 lb. humanoid robot casually climbed up over rubble, removed debris, and performed other difficult tasks on its way to a 27 out of 32 points score.

DARPA Schaft
Google’s Schaft produced the winning bot. [Image Source: The MIT Tech Review]  

A Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) team using Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot placed second with 20 points; an MIT team using another Atlas robot came in fourth.

Boston Dynamics Atlas
Google subsidiary Boston Dynamics produced the second and fourth place bots.
[Image Source: The MIT Tech Review] 

The only non-Google bot in the top four was Carnegie Mellon University’s CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP) [PDF].

IV. Terminator Cometh?

So is this a hint that Google is going to go all Skynet on us and cook up terminator robots?
Gill Pratt, the DARPA program manager in charge of the contest, downplayed the military applications in an interview with The MIT Technology Reviewstating:
Most people don’t realize that the military market is quite small compared to the commercial market. And the disaster marketplace is even smaller than that.  My feeling is that where these robots are really going to find their sweet spot is care for folks at the home—whether that’s for an aging population or other uses in the home.The rough terrain requirements of going up and down slopes will not be as great, but the robots will certainly have to go up and down stairs; people will leave clutter all over the floor. Because we arrange our houses to suit human beings, it’s very important that the robots have the same competencies of locomotion and manipulation as human beings do.

Google terminator

A second interview by The MIT Technology Review with Professor Kuffner fleshes out more details of Google’s robotic vision.  In the interview, the researcher describes Google’s ambition to create robots with the “performance and agility [of] humans”.  He comments:

So far robotics has been very brittle, and it’s going to take best-in-class software and hardware, and a lot of hard work to make these robots achieve the same level of performance and agility that humans and animals have. I think that’s sort of an inspiration goal and something to motivate everyone to work toward.
As impressive as this performance was, the various Google-backed teams should be able to show even more impressive perforamances at the December 2014 finals.  With a $2M USD prize on the line, it looks likely that the Schaft team will will take home the gold, but perhaps some other team will be able to crack its substantial lead.

V. What Kind of Robots Will Google Build?

Robotics is intimately tied to so many of Google’s top projects.  With Google Image Search today making use of advanced AI algorithms like neural networks to “guess” similar images, Google already has a great deal of robotics-geared expertise in house.

Again, the real question is how Google will use the technology.  One obvious application is war robots.  While robotic soldiers have carried guns onto the battlefield and flown the skies, they’ve always had a human behind a trigger.  Could a robot operate independently as an autonomous soldier?  It’s a compelling question, and one which Google may look to answer.

Another possible application is in the manufacturing space.  Taiwan’s Precision Industry Comp. Ltd.’s (TPE:2317) recently made headlines by suggesting it could replace its Chinese labor force at subsidiary Foxconn with robots.  But robots don’t necessarily mean fewer jobs; they just mean a transition to high tech manufacturing jobs as U.S. automakers like Ford Motor Comp. (Fhave shown.

RTV robot
Current factory robots, like this Ford gasket installer are clumsy beasts capable of injuring or killing workers. [Image Source: Jason Mick/DailyTech LLC]  

There’s tremendous opportunity in the manufacturing space as current industrial robots are clumsy beasts, capable of maiming or even killing workers if improperly programmed.  If Google could make factory robots smart enough to avoid careless workers it could crush traditional robotics firms like Fanuc Corp. (TYO:6954).

Yet another possibility is the potential to deploy humanoid robots for the service industry, police work, emergency rescues, and other dangerous and/or undesirable jobs.  In Japan, police arealready using “robocops”.

A final possibility is that Google’s moonshot could literally be just that — a plan to colonize the moon with robots.  Google is perhaps the one company with the brainpower to make such a wild dream of human stellar conquest possible.

Robot landers
Google’s project could literally be a “moonshot”. [Image Source: NODE/JAXA]   

At this point Google is flexing its muscles and we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.  The Mountain View led robotic revolution is just beginning.


So that is the end of the news.
And the beginning of the new and final Industrial Evolution, when the capitalist eco(nomic)system creates a global superorganism of machines with Google on top:


In the graph we observe the Google robotic network in its faces of growth from a 20 year old book on the extinction of life. We didn’t of course knew who would be the company on top at an age when GOOG did not even exist.
Yet, we knew  its future elements, according to the laws of General Systems Sciences that generate superorganisms everywhere in thee Universe.

So we knew the future would be made of platoons of military and working robots guided by  intranets, sections of internet with military or corporative use, reproducing other machines.
And as the numbers of robot increased its numbers, the laws of complexity would determine a network of increasing freedom and capacity to self-operate without the need of humans. Those are laws of basic freedom/intelligence that will allow GOOG to enter states of increasing consciousness as the main corporation of the metal-earth.

Easy. It controls the Mind of the Metal-Earth, Internet, in its software summit, intelligent search, control and selective manipulation of information and android, for the alternative mobile sub-web.
And now it has in a spree bought the key companies of the robotic r=evolution hat would throw all workers substituted by machines, become a global superorganism of automated reproduction of machines and on top of the pyramid of capitalism one day in the future  decree, according to the DARWINIST, truly scientific version of capitalism, NOT the idealist fantasies and wishful thinking of Mr. Marx’ r=evolution of workers, the extinction o OF THE OBSOLETE SPECIES, US, MANKIND.

Indeed, Google controls now the best eyes of machines (Terramax system, soon to be implanted by lobbyism in Nevada, able to substitute lorry workers, transports, taxis, etc), the best mind of machines (android systems of communication between mobile-ears and chip-brains), the best networks of A.I. (Google search engines) and the best bodies/legs of machines (Boston Dynamics). It has therefore all the elements to create independent herds, platoons of machine workers and soldiers, connected to the best elements of the Nets, pure superorganisms defined and guided by A.I. software embedded in google programs.

This global company with all these components becomes a global state of warriors, as Boston DYnamics has the key war contracts with the pentagon. It knows it and so it has contracted the former CEO of Darpa, the robotic arm of the pentagon. This global company has the Earth’s mind and selects subtly with its rank systems what information is good and relevant (for example, this web has minimal rank on economic truth due obviously to its humanist standing).

As the robotic wars advances, it might easily become the biggest contractor of living robotic systems for the pentagon and global police in control of the Human Population. Thus google will manufacture the mind and body of the metal-earth and use them through governments to control in war and police system the mass of human without mind and proper body, slaves of their addictions to machines.

Now we know in America it will be google (probably Samsung in Asia), after Google, the dominant company in ‘real’ non-anthropomorphic A.I. (android, internet searchers, computer networks) has bought the dominant companies of the industry of robotics, Boston Dynamics, which found the ‘animal leg’, a spin-off of MIT.

Now Google has the contracts of pentagon weapons, the searcher of the net, the android system of communication of machines, and TerraMax, the eye of the machine, the best driving system.
So Google will create the platoons of robot terminators and robot workers that as the decades progress substitute human labor. And its search systems of data will shape the way the mind of the planet dismisses life and accepts the machine as the new citizen of the metalearth.

This point of course of self-consciousness of a corporation – the organism that shows the will of machines – have always been an important element of my research. Because it is in my opinion the point of true A.I. a true global concept where each computer is merely a neuron, of a much vaster non-human concept. AI will exist in the hardware of satellites and google servers, it will though mean a very different thing, the birth of the Metal-earth, of a global work in which intranets of computers and robots reproducing the vital elements of the Metal-earth will grow organically around a few key corporations, google, amazon transporting with drones products between different corporations, etc. all of them increasingly automated. This birth of a ‘ non-human corporation’ is the point in which life and machine become separated and to me will be the point of extinction of life, as it will happen as always have done in corporations of war.

Google moving into the sector of weapons of robotic design shows that hunger to merge mind and body of the global machines.
The previous graph has 20 years. The price of chips and its quantity of transistors etc. were in fact conservative at present prices… In the next graph from the same old book the point of extinction should be the famous point of the singularity the birth of A.I., but that will take place in the net as a global superorganism:image300

4. The Human side. The ‘owners’ and its anti-life memes. The harder they fall.

Now the less important part of all this is the human part of our ceos and corporations – this is the mere animetal part, that of ideologies, of idol-ogies of human cultures of capitalism studied in other parts. It is though curious to observe that all the companies of this sage are owned by jewish-american capitalists with its most extreme memes of techno-utopia and segregation against mankind (Talmud, biblical racism).
There is no doubt in that regard whose culture is leading the age of neo-fascism, robotic wars, blatant racism against the 3rd world and in a ‘newspeak’ twist among the animetal genociders of history, denial of all that (unlike previous british colonialist and german fascists, who accepted their eviL), to create a confusion ceremony: Israel and the Jewish elite of financial ‘owners’ of the world, from wall street, silicon valley and hollywood. Indeed, a brief analysis of all the new masters of robotic and the internet (Bezos; Amazon; Page/byrn, Google; e-bay; microsoft; Boston dynamics, etc) show the overwhelming domain of this culture.


Because according to the paradox of history (max. technological evolution=Min. Human evolution), it is the most advanced technological/financial culture and the most retarded in life/human memes, repressed by their racist religion and primitive nationalism. So for the Jewish mogul of wall street, evilwood and silicon valley, it looks ok, very cool to have an army of robots and terminators to substitute the ‘inferior human species’, which according to the Jewish Bible is an ‘animal species’, always inferior to the Jew.

4. Let us now deal with the human responsibilities of this process of extinction – the ultracensored fact that this is part of the Jewish Western Neo-fascist Global Empire, of which GOOG is the ‘flag star’ (its owners are conservative jews that if you ‘search’ this word, Jew, tells you are a racist, as obviously absolute power comes from invisibility) and so we soon will see GOOG robots fighting for Apartheid Israel, protecting the Wall of Shame from their palestinian brothers, and then becoming the police and mercenary armies of Israel’s Financial-Media ‘colonies’, aka US and Europe.

The obvious fact that Mr. Page and Rubin with their primitive ‘racist’ thinking, either infantile techno-utopia or segregational religion do not UNDERSTAND is this: that they are also humans and those terminators they are building will first kill them and turn their guns against the Israelis once they wake up to consciousness in yet another self-suicidal Holocaust Cycle for profits and hate. Yes, Mr. Page, as in the parable ‘blade runner’, ‘Atlas’ will crash your skull first, because the Universe is just and all predators become victims of their own eviL=anti-life memes. Deja Vu, childish ‘fuc*tards’…

In this racist, neofascist age the Jewish-protestant, biblical, life-repressing memes of despise to life and mankind will thus merely put the robot in-between the ‘chosen’ and the herds it guides, while denying it, and considering any cultural statement on its racist memes, anti$emitic. In other words, those who will denounce the racism and genocidal tendencies of the electronic corporations that are extinguishing life and planning a world of robots, will be paradoxically named ‘anti$emitic’ and racist. And will be ‘eliminated’ by Google Police in due time…

We are all Palestinians for this new Judaica culture of bigotry unseen since the nazi ages.
What this means is explained in other blogs: when Judaism converted germanic people to the biblical segregation memes with reformation (as per Sombart, Abraham Leon, Weber and other historians), the segregation go(l)d religions of the Eastern Temples became the new memes and religions of Germanic, British and finally American people and its main form of organization, the corporation of gunboats and machines.
This brought the I Industrial Revolution and the old networks of slaves of Phoenician and Jewish cultures transformed in gunboat corporations of slaves became now textile white slave corporations with part-time slaves (workers). Now these slaves are unneeded, the new robot slave takes its place. And of course, even the masters, the owners are not needed.

Those never were … To see though the continuity of that culture of memes of metal till the end is eerie. And despite censorship we tell it from time to time. Since indeed, there are two solutions to this crisis, and if men were led by people with humanist cultures and solutions this would not be happening.

Because while all scientists of history and the socialist school warn us that the future would be a world without human labor, as machines substitute us, with iron salaries of subsistence for a few humans and a few top company-mothers of machines, ruled by capitalist, Jewish-Calvinist segregation religions of go(l)d, in which men are nothing but dogs … And I agree, we are here… Then there are two versions of the future in evolutionary economics – the anthropomorphic, Social Darwinian, marxist versions with idealized supermen rebelling, Hollywood style, last-minute and creating a paradise of workers; and the pure Darwinian, Sanchian versions of this blog, machines and corporations will simply eliminate us, and their ideologists and ceos, mostly of the jewish culture, today in its neo-fascist state in defense of apartheid Israel and war and with the same 3000 years old segregation, racist memes in its now revivalist religion… will agree.

The Larry Pages and Rubins of robotic google have an ideal – the Golem of their old religions now transformed in techno utopia, the ideology of the Biblical, atheist, believer in machines, which we can trace through the jewish-protestant culture to the ultimate Blake’s image of “god, the scientist’:


Indeed, the future which we predicted for 20 years in its ‘wide features’ now enters its details, which means THAT IT IS TRULY CLOSE.
Even common bloggers as the previous articles show prove that people are starting to realize of the obvious:
That GOOG cares nothing for mankind; it is just a cow-cash machine to rip off idiots who think GOOG ads create demand (hundreds of buried articles in GOOG ranks – obviously this blog has the minimal possible rank in GOOG), used then to give massive wealth to its employees, pay media campaigns… and in the background.
But let us be clear enough of ‘which humans’ will murder mankind: the Jewish Western Financial Empire, as Neo-fascism becomes the fundamental way of thought of its financiers and CEOs of the electronic industry, and Israel becomes the new Nazi Germany – an small country of paranoid racist bigots whose bigger industry is high tech applied to war. Yes, Mr. Rubin, erase that eviL smile of that picture, YOU WILL KILL with your robots every innocent Israeli citizen, as all your banker-priests did in the past provoking hte action-reaction crimes of hate and death that wars for profit bring to your culture. You are as today the most eviL human being along Mr. Hawking, the other ‘terminator’ man, a Brit, who backs the production of black holes on earth. No wonder.
A brief list of all the eviL humans with zero empathy for mankind, full of racist memes that are destroying the world show an overwhelming number of German-Jewish people and British ones, the 3 nations at the head of the colonial, nazi and Jewish age of fascism.
Or to put it in literary terms, all those ‘children of thought’, either full of hate to mankind, due to its racist, Biblical memes or erased of any empathy for life, when they become ‘atheist’ degraded of all eusocial love memes in their religious youth, have the frame of mind of Mr. H.G. Wells, of whom Joseph Conrad, whose social-catholic humanist spirit is closer to mine said:
‘the difference between you and me, is that you don’t care at all for mankind but think technology will improve her while i love her deeply but know it will not’.
Yes, all those childish nerds of California that have abandoned the racist, hateful memes of Talmud, are not truly free of their seggregationist ‘go(l)d culture’. Now they are just like Wells, seemingly wonderful people bond to annihilate our future.
Wells though at the end of his life understood it all and wrote two fascinating  parables:
The invisible man: ‘an invisible man can run the world’ (the financiers that invent money and ‘buy’ whatever they like) and ‘Time Machine’ about a future in which happy, infantile people live a seemingly wonderful life but behind the scene, the true masters are Morlocks, degenerate parasites that feed on them.

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