Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Deleted Blog

Hi out there,
In a moment of sadness/madness I just deleted all my posts on this blog.
I really shouldn't have, as it feels like a part of me has died.
I found the web cache of just the first view page.
Not sure how to retrieve the rest of it though.
Sorry to everyone that wants to read some posts that i had put up, all 199 of them.
But, the world is getting very screwed, i have so much on my mind and very busy with a life that is continuing to adapt to more and more external pressure form uncontrollable situations, demands and influences...I'm just going with flow..
I didn't realise what a profound effect deleting all my posts would have on myself.
So anyway, i haven't blogged for many months now, and truly doubt i have the energy to continue..
Maybe i should have backed it up before i deleted it (famous last words or what!)
anyway Cheers and thanks for reading

OK I've figured out how to put up a link to some popular posts..

Thanks anonymous, for the web archive info xx