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The Real "Genocide" Agenda.

So You Don’t Think There Is A White Genocide Agenda?

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You will need to forgive the fact that the following definition comes from the UN’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, and is featured at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website, but I thought it poignant because the fact is that the Jews are instrumental in carrying out a genocide of the white race in WHITE-ONLY (people of European ancestry) countries. Yeah, its hard to believe because you are all propagandized by their media to believe that white people are evil and surely the only ones capable of it (especially the evil Nazis). As a matter of fact, should you desire to rid yourself of the HoloHoax brainwashing, you could spend some quality time taking the Holocaust Deprogramming Course now available (you will thank me later).


[G]enocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Do you believe that all the TV commercials showing mixed marriages are not intended to erase the white race? That the continual prodding for whites to hate themselves isn’t part of such a goal? Do you think that the intentional illegal immigration that NONE of you voted on will be part and parcel of that goal? To water down and eliminate white people? Why is there such a push for Forced Assimilation?

I doubt this video stays up for long, but in it you will find the seriousness of these claims (it is not hyperbole). Hopefully, the complete documentary will be completed soon, but man o man, this is enough to get your blood boiling, if you still care about your race, that is.
EDITED 3/1/15: The complete documentary is now available.

Published on Feb 24, 2015
Want to read more about White Genocide?…
Thanks to Bob Whitaker, ( Horus the avenger (, John Friend, Sinead McCarthy, Lana Lokteff (…) and more for the narrator-voices.
I defy you to show me how forced integration is happening anywhere else in the world. How is China ever going to be anything other than Chinese? Japanese? African? Etc. It is only happening in white dominated countries and its not an accident. There was a day that this would not have been acceptable to the majority, but now we are losing that majority. We are losing it without much a whimper, too.

But B’Man, why do you say its the Jews?

Listen to this hag tell you outright: ( notice her eyes...something diabolical is lurking in there..A13 note)

Yes, the multicultural/multiracial agenda has a goal, but it has little to do with what the liars claim it is about. It is not about ridding the world of antisemitism. It isn’t about making the countries a better place. If that were the goal, how is it that the hypocritical Jews want a Jewish only state and go so far as to sterilize Africans that try to move to that shithole? Or why do they spend America’s fortune bombing Arabs, ethnically cleansing the real Semites? Why is there a push for legislation that enforces Jews only there, eliminating communal rights for anyone else?

It is about eliminating you, white men and women.

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2015 Predictions: BRICS and Drones may break my bones…

2015 BricsandDrones
 By Puddy Dunne....from Here :

….but names will surely kill me.
Clearly the lunacy of the winter solstice has arrived and the ridiculous agenda that was Ferguson and Occu-Pi made us scratch our heads. It was not so obvious until you looked at the statistics for crime over the last ten years post 911. What keeping us safe was all about surely has shed light on the Agenda 21 reality. It has made the objective of jumping the fence and walking into the white house as simple as getting into an imaginary school in Connecticut. I call it simply trespassing and vandalism. What they have debased is our dignity and they have trespassed our intellectual freedom. To think these little events are not meant to make us believe we need to be safe are so simple minded it becomes insulting
Murder, violent crime, rape, assault, torture, enslavement and kidnapping have been declining thanks to the dumbing down and sedation programs and now the crimes are relegated to the authorities and acting troops to perform. We have been largely subdued by the environmental agenda of turning the population into the prey. The predators, like Hyenas, play their games before the kill, enjoying the assault on the simple minds of the dumbed down population and like the HOOK, I have explained the importance of knowing the story of the fisherman. Ferguson was the best example to date of the HOOK (811) deception and design of the mass MK-Ultra programming we have been ruled by since the NWO took over. Naming the illusionary predators and labeling the prey is the game. The names will kill you. Words will imprison you Lies will cheat you. That is the truth. No crime need be committed in order to fall prey to the authorities.
The fisherman knows you hook the first fish and keep it on the line. This insures the school will remain in place until the catch is complete. If they leave, you just reel in and move again to the school and hook up again. Over and over again until the school has been decimated and depleted. Then there is also the box method where you drive the schools to the shores of death surrounding them from all sides leading them into the land or NETs. This is another method of the vortex of 811. The rogues or lone bulls may escape but they are now isolated from the pack and more vulnerable to the HAARP-ooning teams that will handle them on an individual basis. We saw this as well last year with several events like we did in years previous. Government sanctioned gangstalking and assassination can include EMR assaults as documented by families from coast to coast.
Jesus said he’d make the disciples fishers of men. Satan had the same plan and has his own disciples. Too bad we continue to elect them every two years in this thing we call a vote. Electing what’s for dinner by the predators and prey each cycle has become the sport of the committee who must at this point think we are the most useless and stupid Grunion in the big pond. I think the tides have shifted some but the real danger is in the Grunion beaching themselves without too much effort this year. I have to confess with the possibility of offending readers that if you glanced at the Time Square gathering of Minnows who decided to celebrate the decline of America in 2014 with hope and ritual presence for the dropping of the symbolic(global) ball mind control event 2015, that you saw the example of this OCCU-pi or evolution. We can observe now that the meme has shifted to OCCU-EVOLVE, though it is really just a transition of the vulnerable drones, who have been schooled by the predators like so many eloi over time. The PI factor is the deviation of the cycle to a trajectory by their choosing. It’s a matter of manipulating the vortex for real events or stagings. The key is simple physics and using time, frequency, speed and power. These factors change the negative to a positive for them. We’d benefit if we knew the truth. They have the information, we don’t. It’s simple to see how they control it and how we are challenged to survive the nets.
Expect vicious verbal attacks, website cancellations and takedowns and threats of violence to emerge and a huge discussion on Freedom of Speech. This is aimed at the truth movement. We may see copy-cats on posting murder in advance of MK-Ultra mass shooting in Midwest. I call the I-35 corridor in Missouri or Minnesota.
Should the Time squared event have been a protest and shutting down of the program? I’d have had some faith in the masses if they had stayed home. Deblasio and Bloomberg, Cuomo and Cooper and other predator worms in the big apple are clearly in control now and the Occupied showed their absence as instructed by the predators. Assuming the ritual killing of the police recently has some factual component or not does not affect the true or false of the agenda and experiment. Either way a real lone wolf lunatic or a staging will culminate in a further move to force the herd into the box or worse, like lemmings, the Disney Operation Bluebeam can stage events so well that the fooled will willingly consent to death. Graphically jumping from WTC to avoid being burned alive is such an example. I have often thought about it and cannot see myself ever deciding not to fight at the risk of running through fire to escape what is clearly suicide by jumping. In China, the New Year stampede killed many who got caught in the rush and it reminds me that there is no safety in numbers unless you know the arithmetic. The vortex is designed in such a way as to give us the correct sequence and vectors to navigate with the best chance of survival. The race war component of Agenda 21 is not going to go away this year but only morph into the ISIS and WOT merge. Linking black folks to Allah and ISIS is relatively simple. The reported killing of the two police officers may have happened but after what we have seen, I can no longer assume anything. If I was to believe this guy had been alone and the event premeditated, why not wait until New Years and kill a few in Time Square? Why do these events never happen on payday?
I have written several posts regarding their view on us as assets and liabilities only. We are one or the other depending on our current status in the vortex. As in the financial system both assets and liabilities have value and are necessary to keep a balanced ledger. Mere market climate is the strategy for shifting numbers across the ledger and they deem your value in these terms only. Once you accept this truth, the accounting changes. When the inventory becomes too large or the bonds payable too large then adjustments may be needed. This is where the economy and we the people are a focus of the equity holders. Propping up the Bonds and selling the instruments to the global banksters is merely the future earnings and revenues from the labor force. Salaries, taxes, wages, etc are merely the cost of doing business between the government and the global corporates. There is no clear accounting of the derivatives because it represents the unseen bookkeeping of carbon liabilities to accounts receivable in the future economy. A transfer of a mortgage twenty times diluted is merely offset by debt restructuring in favor of the equity holders and the entire enterprise just an illusion to justify the accounting. Liquidity and investment objectives are hammered and the debt-for-equity swaps continue until the wealth is finally distributed to the top and few. The victims are 99% and the predators 1%. Then the 1% has the luxury of changing the system into a full carbon debt system and the real Agenda 21 is unleashed. The accountants are mercenaries, the currencies are organic, the transactions are final and the assets and liabilities are then truly balanced to a real economy with a market controlled by the beast. The beast is something similar to Colossus Proteus and runs independently, without any name but only the number we were told about in Sunday School when the banks were closed for their algorithmic tallying and totalling.
Until the date of the actual transition, a continued process of making adjustments to the ledger will continue. We have seen the adjustment of cops as a liability to the committee and that forces the adjustment of assets to the equation. Simple Zebranomics indicates the thin blue line is at serious risk and the globalists has it’s agenda set on anarchy and military rule. In order to fulfill the requirements of the investment in a New World Order, the committee must begin to reap some benefits from the investments made. Mere depreciation alone will not suffice in order to keep the enterprise and books intact. The vortex has signalled its warning to us since the bailouts and debt bubbles began to surface. Quick action showed they had miscalculated to some degree but also indicated they had planned for it with QE, but this has reached it’s time and now we have the only two options remaining. Either a restructuring or massive investment strategy. Not in dollars mind you but in human asset terms. Performance is the key for 2015. An investment for hope is needed and I expect some major offering early for the new year. This will be talk only and any middle class easing will never manifest from this movement to forgive any debt, delay Obamacare mandate or any tax reform.
The stock market and the economy run on two different cycles and they in turn each run on two different vectors. Investors and investees and unfortunately the two entities are one. The major disclosure for this year is the fact that nations, though appearing to be real are merely imaginary borders separating the equity holders and global corporations who may own percentages of the total assets of these territories. The investees of these territories are the receivers of certain but limited funds and act as performers for the portfolios of the elites or stockholders. Whether mining aluminum, manufacturing graphene or waiting on tables, the slave labor is a working liability for the corporation and asset of the equity holders. The slaves can still invest in the rigged market and benefit but ultimately it’s a gamble and the house always wins in the long-term since they do they manipulate all of it.
The trade wars are coming to their conclusion soon and the patents and intellectual property are in the hands of so few now that entrepreneur is relegated to an investor only status. This dwindling down of all aspects of the dream continues except for the few and those paid to reinforce the collapsing confidence in media financial circles. Education is now a premium in cost and a gamble to payoff in terms of finding suitable employment. So true is the venture capital market as seen with the reality of the investments and returns. Coca-Cola and Facebook do not a stable economy make. Corn Syrup and CISPA aside these are foundations of the house of cards. The money is in death. Private Partnerships and VC are only for the limited selected insiders who have the information. The rest is a crap-shoot. With the TPP as in other trade agreements, new regulatory hurdles, draconian patent and intellectual property rights, import/export imbalance and tariffs are enacted to favor the corporations and limit or exclude the non-member of the core committee. Competition isn’t a sin, it’s a disease to the core group. The buyouts and hostile takeovers are days past and the future indicates this disease to be a eradicated ailment. We know now what the cure was.
2015 should offer us some further connections of ISIS, the Internet, the financial system and the TPP. It’s a matter of time before the war on terror and world trade organization become apparent to all as one entity and everything else just a component of the buy-sell hell of full spectrum dominance and surveillance over any independent thought, creativity or invention by the people. When thought crime comes into the picture, the patents will attack with a vengeance. Beyond the horizon is much black and blue. The black operations will insure our forced acceptance of the system and the blue will provide the technology of mandated non-privacy. Again we need to be kept safe just like any other asset of the elite.  Expect a third known aircraft crash before Winter ends. Another AIRBUS.
MALAISE 2015 – The Green Monkey Hoax.
Ebola is not gone. It now suits the suits not to report on its operations to push the biological venture capital and operations further into the African Continent. Africom will see infections as numerous as HIV and the campaign for the everything vaccine will be powered up and transmitted from every broadcaster in the matrix. With the continuing saga of eBola for Africa, the rest of the planet will see the mutated H1N1, the brain eating bacteria and other filovirus’ such as Marburg. But the most disturbing reality for 2015 will be the revelation of nano-technology and the link to the blood brain barrier and glycoproteins that play havoc on the immune responses allowing for deadly consequences. Not only Monsanto but a host of other companies who have assaulted our food and cosmetics with the volatile and under researched effects of the sub-atomic scaled invaders to the human body. Agenda 21 allows for the host asset to be used in research without consent and gives PhRMA and Biotechs a free pass on legal action beyond the eBola vaccine beta test of 2014. Now the virus is out of the bag and further WMD biowarfare will benefit from this kind of illegal and unethical practice. Therefore I expect a Malaysian Flight from the past year to make an appearance this year with another event, this time directed in Southeastern Asia due to the resistance thus far to the DOHA discussions and GMO and Vaccine regulations. Our fates rely on open and ethical companies making our food and medications and not from the eugenicists running the UN and Associated One World Corporate points of light.
Expect another round of contagion here in US coming through Mexico. Not eBola. Expect Tuberculosis.
This revived Cold War scam plays heavily in the final nations to be transformed. Iran being the goal. Ukraine, Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and a few others. Though the Koreans are under the assault of the core at this moment, the real objective is Iran and it’s sphere of influence. I do not believe Putin to be outside the core of the ruling committee and only a distortion acting as a combatant. The Ukrainians on the other hand are likely real, like the Syrians, Iran and North Korea. Others like Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, Ecuador may need further coaxing but are certain to conform eventually. There is no alternative to the Agenda 21 unless they are willing to face extinction. That is the only alternative. The natural gas tool and Saudi oil scheme clearly designed for Iran as the Russians take a hit for the team. BRICS and Drones may constitute the battle with Russia but the war is with a few who will not succumb. This battleground will come alive by 2016 spring. We will see either a sacrifice of the major player (actor) and a congressional declaration or a 2016 election with Bush-Clinton crime syndicate figures back for a command performance. I called a Hillary-Jeb ticket in 2008 but I had hoped not. This was in the cards and it’s not by accident that Hillary is leaning right as ex Sec of State and that Jeb, the kinder gentler left leaner over Dubya has manifested itself in this likely Bilderberg scenario. It’s almost impossible to tell them apart except visually. The core philosophy inbred into the mafia of the puppet-masters in well represented in the Bush-Clinton dynasty and to say they are family is truly accurate. This will certainly make for a hawkish rejuvenation over the covert domestic strides of the change Obamacare program. Though Barry has a lot to do yet before leaving earth, the TPP is on the top of the list and he will possibly move very swiftly this year under orders of his swing instructor. After what were serious talks on the course in Hawaii, the deadlines were drawn and the Indonesians and Asians are set to get substantial persuasion in excess of what they have already felt in 2014. China awaits the outcome.
There’s no secret here to me the situation in Afghanistan. At present there are at least 30,000 troops remaining. The Cash Crop is certainly critical to fund the ISIS / Al-CIAda  operations and that will never end. The vortex speaks loudly in the retails of discussions for “stay behinds” with numbers that include 30,000, 9,000 and 6.000 being bantered about at the Pentagram HQ. But the fact that they have designed this Cold War 2 scenario only confirms they are looking after the shareholders. If anyone expects withdrawal or downsizing regardless of the next election and puppet-master, they be daft. Iraq and ISIS clearly meant to begin moving troops back in for the eventual IRAN plan. Pakistan like Turkey currently supports all US covert operations involving the ISIS gladio group. There are several scenarios available here. Along with Southeastern Asia they have a network in global terms unmatched by anything previously. It is in Malaysia and Indonesia where the support is most critical as they have real growing economies.  The trade deals will only give them what it gave us, in a  country with no real work opportunity, no manufacturing and wage decay.
BLACK SWANS spotted on the 38th parallel
I believe the MALAISE and eBola events are concurrent with Ukraine. While some may believe that MH17 was an assassination attempt on Putin, this observer thinks differently. I believe it an elaborate hoax down to the lawsuits. There are certain truths I have come to understand and Wall Street weighs heavily in the manipulators vortex operations. To think the death of Putin would not throw a black swan into the mix is only foolish and the Colossus the computer may be sophisticated in running algorithms but it would certainly slow down or crash the current agenda. That is unless chaos and war are the objective.
As I have alluded to in past articles, the rules are clear. Players cannot assassinate administrators. Again exampled by the fact you can jump the fence and enter the white house, whether true or false the administrators do not fear assassins of a sophisticated nature because they run the whole operations collectively and under the orders of the programmers and core committee. Only by willingness to deviate, refuse or expose the group can a sanction like JFK be formalized. Of the 300 or so in the core group, any administrator outside this group can be sanctioned. The numbers do indicate an extraordinary percentage of death and mayhem among political segments versus pilots, Doctors, Football players, bankers (until recent) and other occupational groups. Is this a conspiracy or just a coincidence? Neither? Just a fact.
The pathetic attempt to string N Korea with Sony was far too obvious, yet like Sandy Hook and 911 it continues to be the basis for the sanctions and further escalation to the global governance under TPP WTO. I have documented  Nevada, Missouri and DC in the Obama golf and illuminati vortex system. The 38th parallel and 65 years post war in Korea. 11 is key here again to what we can expect this year. Just like the Dulles team back in 1950, the new sec of state, defense and CIC will move the marching orders forward for a war in Asia and just as the Cold War and Chino-Russian alignment was present as sino-soviet, the same will happen again. It ties perfectly with the next moves towards a real global effort in bringing Asia into the TPP and eliminating another holdout in North Korea with China objectives regarding BRICS. Therefore I expect a false flag and maybe a Gulf of Tonkin type event that may include ships or aircraft. That was the reason for MH17 and Ukraine. Though it was not effective, the committee still used it as pretext to start the petro war. The strategy of tension is how this will play out but I expect the US or more likely Japan to strike North Korea and the false flag likely to involve Japan. It will shore up Japan’s floundering economy as well.
By creating this as ground zero, the events that follow are too numerous to mention but will be better identified once we see the reaction of Russia and especially China. Obama made the trip to China regarding the climate change agenda and the empty promises and discussions were for show as China knows the whole global warming hoax is the attempt for Western Hegemony and a huge financial power shift to the UN. China has no intention of agreeing to the TPP unless there is an option for opting out of Kyoto, the next round. I expect the event to take place in the summer and formal attack to take place in September.
Until such time as the petro-dollar is to be eliminated as the  world currency, the BRICS swift boating and rapid pay will continue to be the tool for much of what we see this year. It will create another opportunity in a false flag like Sony only this time a real financial institution and cyber-attack. Fears of Defense type attacks may be staged depending on the BRICS agenda and support the Cold War agenda to clean up the remaining hold-out nations. Ukrainians are suffering now, Syria was nothing compared to what the full force of committee and ISIS have in store should the current energy be insufficient to meet deadlines. Malaysia has been the biotech covert operations for many years since Ft. Detrick and USAMRIID are too vulnerable to hackers and whistleblowers. Those in Malaysia and those who discovered malaysian vulnerability, died in three aircraft scenarios as well as dozens of outright murders in the region. If you have followed Asia Today and other regional news outlets you can see that bankers and scientists worldwide are being offed at a good clip. No more apparent than in SE Asia.
Though the CDC is now a Stakeholder and shareholder in the US Mafia crime syndicate, they take their orders from the UN, NATO, WHO overseers of covert military operations. Africom being the cradle and Nigeria being the HQ’s.along with NAZI eugenicist HQ in Stuttgart, Germany. Again, eBola will continue to infect a million or more in Africa, vaccine sterilization will continue and little truth or mere propaganda will litter the media. The focus will be on sheeple and internet. Many have not taken the time to imagine losing the connectivity and how much chaos and drama it would create. But what seems more important is the change once it were restored. Should the ICANN scam be for real, the new OWL One World Lab will be governed by the UN security council or CFR but the reality will be Colossus the super computer collecting every single bit of data and housed in China, Russia, US(Israel) and possibly Brazil. I expect such decisions to internet control from IANA and ICANN to make their way through this without loss of control by the committee. All true Internet Freedom players will in vain submit to this con job and the 666 of IANA, ICANN and a third group to control the information.
The goal and deadline for this is still years away but watching the events of internet control is really laughable and the reality of global governance and BUY-SELL (33) is for real. The mark has already been placed upon the masses, just yet to be initiated in order for you to connect at all. Several events will force the authority and OWL project to become a reality soon. Opting out of internet access will be impossible under the global welfare state system in order to survive. Since the goal will be full-time uplink and the technology will allow disabled or computer challenged people to use voice and eye command glass, it will eventually be thought controlled and we all know that is where it will eventually rest. What a glorious time to be free. Under the new carbon economy you now are a commodity, tradable, liquid, convertible and disposable, but foremost surveilled. Of course you will be recyclable as well.
WHITE NOISE (strange sounds)
This year will be full of new nano-tech air chaff via chemtrailing and a new heightened agenda for carbon reduction. Though I see carbon reduction as simple as murder by depopulation it will not sway the amount of ENMOD HAARP and Scalar fallout for this year. There will many strange optical and audio phenomenon as the ISS is transitioning to most of the work in Climate Change. Since NOAA, NAVY, NASA are still involved the transition to space is key in order to allow these entities to focus on surveillance and defense. NASA games regarding Pluto (9) are diversions off the real agenda to cover the covert earthraker ATSS space station. If you wonder who is getting rich, I believe no one. The amount of money to fund Agenda 21 is staggering and bankers and politicians alike do not know. If they did well they would be fertilizer now.
I expect several audio events for South America, The Balkans region and Pacific Rim. The sounds will range from hiss and crackling to low cycle sine waves or possible chirps in a triangle wave in the 15-20hz range under 1 decibel. I have heard and recorded these in my area several days before Xmas. I have a cell tower with added hardware over the last few years, near my location and it’s not cellular add-ons but GPS or Data transmitters being heard on analog receivers. I get microwave spectrum analysis from 5-25 gigahertz depending on time and intervals. I have yet to determine the exact source.
I believe most of the strange sounds are of a microwave and chemtrail chaff nature playing havoc on other electrical systems and grids. Whether this is testing an EMP focused weapon or merely sclar interference from surveillance or radar testing, its anybody’s guess. I do believe the this year we will see the first of several infrastructure attacks that may be of a EMR or stuxnet hack. I predict one for California (hack/virus) and one for Pennsylvania/New York (Power Blackout)
I predict tragic events for Belarus, North Central  India (Bhopal) and Mexico City.
Tsunami warning for Alaska, Northern California, Oregon and Washington State after 8.0+ event
Semidi Island Aleutian subduction zone.

I expect a bad Tornado season again and severe weather for Texas and Oklahoma due to the Vortex shift in Mid Atlantic Arctic dips.  Climate change will be back on the Carbon Exchange of Media propaganda
Pacific vortex and cooler temps will keep storms constant over the US and there will be more rain for Northeast with flooding. The Winter and Spring will be very wet with record levels in the Southeast.  Sunny days will be few and far between.  Vitamin D at a premium. Stay well all.
P.S. It is highly likely GHW Bush dies this summer June 12 and it will garner Jeb Bush favor in the election for 2016.  We may lose another as well?????????

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where Is Aangirfan?


Finally found them after a month!
Good to see them still writing!
Have to say I was worried for a while.
I must admit I missed my daily dose of Aang..
Hope this helps some of you who had no idea either..
Anng, If you read this can you tell us what happened.
I read you were locked out of blogger?

Cheers A13

Friday, February 21, 2014

GOOGLE = SKYNET...Welcome to the Future (part1)

With the intense exponential rise of the Financial Media Military Industrial Complex over the past decade or so..the merging of all into ONE..I have been reading and thinking about the future and what it holds/or is precisely planned..algorithm by algorithm..
Based upon centuries and decades of "improvements" brought about by "corp(se)orations"..I begin to think in Sci fi terms..I begin to think about the writings of the science fiction grand master Asimov..and beyond, to the influences of our modern it Huxley,Wells, Orwell..whomever you pick..what have these sages of Sci Fi and the scientific dictatorship been slowly and consciously planning for the "future"? Shameless and out in the open for all with eyes to see and working senses to feel....
It's starting to get beyond the realms of Sci-Fi unison, all around the world..
The question that i have wondered for decades – which capitalist company would become the ‘final capitalist’ company on top of the pyramid of global corporations (Classic science of economics) or ‘skynet’ (Modern audiovisual version), as human loose all their jobs in war and work fields to platoons of robots, controlled by Intranet programs,  is now clear.

Google, GOOG, which has now started a massive buying of the most advanced robotic and military systems, including SCHAFT, winner of DARPA and Boston dynamics, creator of PETMAN and its new, scary version, ATLAS, which added to TERRAMAX, vision system gives them the most advanced robotic system in the world.

Thus google has now made the two key moves to complete the creation of a perfect superorganism of machines, a perfect automated company-mother, able to exist free of all human interference and on top of that beat any human company, any human organized social group.

Why? And what it means for the Economic crisis and the future of mankind?
We shall answer those questions in due term, but first the news.In this article we shall consider 3 elements of this theme.

1. The buying of Boston Dynamics that finally triggered the understanding of people on the natural evolution of GOOG, from skynet to terminators.
2. The total number of companies bought by GOOG, which obviously has a single aim: to create the platoons of workers and soldiers that will extinguish us.
3. The Meaning of this for the future of history and the economic crises, according to the models of evolutionary economics of this web that forecasted the ‘future’ existence of this company as the collective brain of the Metal-earth.
4. The human side of it – the culture of children of thought, military bigots, techno-utopians and other niceties of the X, Y and Zero generations of mankind that are doing this, guiding mankind to extinction without even realizing of it.

Those were the news:

When Google announced earlier this month that a secret division of the company had been buying up robotics companies for the past six months the internet got excited.

When the news broke this week that they’d bought Boston Dynamics, the internet got really excited.
This is because Boston Dynamicsmakes some of the most fascinating and technologically advanced robots the web has seen – and thankfully they don’t stint in uploading footage of their creations toYouTube either.
Although the acquisition doesn’t mean that Google Glass-wearing robots are going to start tramping through your living room in an effort to complete work on Street View Home, it’s exciting to look at the varied creations that Boston Dynamics will be bringing to Google’s robotic stables and imagine a future where the search giant’s ‘Don’t be evil’ motto blends with Asimov’s first law of robotics.


Essentially a remote controlled car, SandFlea has one (really good) trick up its sleeve: it can jump up to 30 feet into the air. “That is high enough to jump over a compound wall, onto the roof of a house, up a set of stairs or into a second story window,” says Boston Dynamics. An onboard gyroscope keeps the bot level during its leap whilst a camera watches the ground to ensure a touchdown with minimum fuss.


Although PetMan is undoubtedly the most disturbingly life like of Boston Dynamic’s bots in terms of its realistic walking gait and flexing movements, it’s actually more of an elaborate mannequin than a functional robot. PetMan’s unsupported walking motion and displays of light calisthenics are all designed to stress-test protective clothing that will shield troops against chemical attacks.
However, to see the potential of humanoid bots, you need only look to Atlas, PetMan bigger brother. Atlas takes PetMan’s flexible frame and puts some muscle on those metal bones. Funded by Darpa, Atlas is currently being put through its paces as a possible first-responder in disaster situations. Click here to watch it in action.


BigDog and LS3

BigDog was Boston Dynamic’s first online star. About the size of a small mule or – unsurprisingly – a big dog, this quadrupedal toiler is built to tackle difficult terrain and carry heavy loads. It’s about three feet long, two and a half feet tall and weighs just over 100kg. It can carry loads of up to 150kg and was originally funded by DARPA alongside its bigger brother LS3 (above) to provide ground support to infantry troops.
LS3 builds on Big Dog’s capabilities, adding an array of cameras and sensors that allow it automatically follow a designated leader. It also responds to voice commands, and can be told to follow or hang back. Early tests of ‘roll over’, ‘beg’ and ‘kill’ were reportedly mixed.


Cheetah takes some of the leg design seen in Big Dog and LS3 but adapts it for pure speed. It currently holds the world record for the world’s fastest legged robot, topping out at 28.3mph and smashing the previous record of 13.1mph set in 1989.
Although in the video above the Cheetah is actually being powered by a hydraulic pump located off to one side of the treadmill, there’s reason to believe that these speeds – and faster – will soon be recorded outdoors. WildCat, Cheetah’s successor, can already run up to 16mph without assistance, although the 2-stroke go-cart engine powering the beast means you’d at least hear it sneaking up on you.


Rounding off this introduction to Boston Dynamics’ bots is perhaps the most endearingly determined of all the company’s creations; RHex is a small six-legged bot that has a number of “specialized gaits that devour rough terrain with minimal operator input”.
Essentially this means that although RHex’s walking style looks silly, it can happily splash through shallow streams and stamp its way over rocky paths. A fully sealed body keeps it working in any environment and it can also be remotely controlled by an operator up to 700 metres away. Let’s just hope that when Google doles out delivery duties, RHex gets the job rather than the terrifying PetMan.

Will Google aim its robots at service or combat?

Google Inc. (GOOG) recently made the seemingly baffling decision of taking arguably its brightest young executive — Android co-founder and vice president Andy Rubin – off his vital current post. Intrigue grew when it was revealed he had been appointed to a newly formed robotics unit, leading a secret projectthat he would only describe as “a moonshot”.

I. From Android Chief to Master of the Bots

Heads further turned when under his leadership Google began gobbling up local and international robotics firms at a frantic place.  At a top robotics competition, Google’s new properties dominated a battlefield of top university and commercial challengers.
It’s unclear where Google’s ultimate ambitions lie in terms of utilizing its news robotic army.  But it is clear that Google is looking to revolutionize robotics and change the future of mankind.

Andy Rubin
Robot master: Android cofounder, Google Robotics VP Andy Rubin
[Image Source: The New York Times]
As the eight acquisitions announced this month of various domestic and international firms come hot on the heels of the now infamous interview with, Inc. (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos, some have speculated the acquisitions may be a move to challenge Amazon in robotic done delivery.  Other are sure the flock of bots has something to do with Google’s existing self-driving car project.
But long story short, no one is quite sure what Google is up to.

II. The Army Swells
Thus far Google has purchased:
Google also has been acquiring talented roboticists in similar fashion.  It picked up machine learning expert Professor Geoffrey Hinton, who has worked at a variety of universities including Carnegie Mellon and (most recently) the University of Toronto.  Professor Hinton coinvented the backpropagation and contrastive divergence training algorithms for neural networks.

Ray Kurzweil
Ray Kurzweil is among Google’s recent robotics-aimed additions. [Image Source:]  

On Dec. 17 Ray Kurzweil – a famed proponent of a coming converged of artificial intelligence and humanity – was hired as a “Director of Engineering” at Google.

Google also hired Professor James Kuffner as a robotics research scientist.  Professor Kuffner has spent the last 20 years researching humanoid robots and teaching at Carnegie Mellon University and other schools.

III. Google’s Robotic Legion Shines at Military-Sponsored Contest
At the annual Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored Robotics Challenge Trials, held last weekend at the Miami Speedway in Florida, a pair of Google-owned research firms designed the first, second, and fourth place bots.

This year’s event was titled the “Rescue Challenge” and featured eight challenges which were supposed to simulate different disaster scenarios.  The challenge kicked off in June 2013 with a “Virtual Robotics Challenge” (VRC).  Last weekend’s challenge was the first of two real-world challenges.
The challenge goals were:
  1. Drive a utility vehicle at the site.
  2. Travel dismounted across rubble.
  3. Remove debris blocking an entryway.
  4. Open a door and enter a building.
  5. Climb an industrial ladder and traverse an industrial walkway.
  6. Use a tool to break through a concrete panel.
  7. Locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe.
  8. Connect a fire hose to a standpipe and turn on a valve.
Schaft Inc.’s 5 foot tall, 209 lb. humanoid robot casually climbed up over rubble, removed debris, and performed other difficult tasks on its way to a 27 out of 32 points score.

DARPA Schaft
Google’s Schaft produced the winning bot. [Image Source: The MIT Tech Review]  

A Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) team using Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot placed second with 20 points; an MIT team using another Atlas robot came in fourth.

Boston Dynamics Atlas
Google subsidiary Boston Dynamics produced the second and fourth place bots.
[Image Source: The MIT Tech Review] 

The only non-Google bot in the top four was Carnegie Mellon University’s CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP) [PDF].

IV. Terminator Cometh?

So is this a hint that Google is going to go all Skynet on us and cook up terminator robots?
Gill Pratt, the DARPA program manager in charge of the contest, downplayed the military applications in an interview with The MIT Technology Reviewstating:
Most people don’t realize that the military market is quite small compared to the commercial market. And the disaster marketplace is even smaller than that.  My feeling is that where these robots are really going to find their sweet spot is care for folks at the home—whether that’s for an aging population or other uses in the home.The rough terrain requirements of going up and down slopes will not be as great, but the robots will certainly have to go up and down stairs; people will leave clutter all over the floor. Because we arrange our houses to suit human beings, it’s very important that the robots have the same competencies of locomotion and manipulation as human beings do.

Google terminator

A second interview by The MIT Technology Review with Professor Kuffner fleshes out more details of Google’s robotic vision.  In the interview, the researcher describes Google’s ambition to create robots with the “performance and agility [of] humans”.  He comments:

So far robotics has been very brittle, and it’s going to take best-in-class software and hardware, and a lot of hard work to make these robots achieve the same level of performance and agility that humans and animals have. I think that’s sort of an inspiration goal and something to motivate everyone to work toward.
As impressive as this performance was, the various Google-backed teams should be able to show even more impressive perforamances at the December 2014 finals.  With a $2M USD prize on the line, it looks likely that the Schaft team will will take home the gold, but perhaps some other team will be able to crack its substantial lead.

V. What Kind of Robots Will Google Build?

Robotics is intimately tied to so many of Google’s top projects.  With Google Image Search today making use of advanced AI algorithms like neural networks to “guess” similar images, Google already has a great deal of robotics-geared expertise in house.

Again, the real question is how Google will use the technology.  One obvious application is war robots.  While robotic soldiers have carried guns onto the battlefield and flown the skies, they’ve always had a human behind a trigger.  Could a robot operate independently as an autonomous soldier?  It’s a compelling question, and one which Google may look to answer.

Another possible application is in the manufacturing space.  Taiwan’s Precision Industry Comp. Ltd.’s (TPE:2317) recently made headlines by suggesting it could replace its Chinese labor force at subsidiary Foxconn with robots.  But robots don’t necessarily mean fewer jobs; they just mean a transition to high tech manufacturing jobs as U.S. automakers like Ford Motor Comp. (Fhave shown.

RTV robot
Current factory robots, like this Ford gasket installer are clumsy beasts capable of injuring or killing workers. [Image Source: Jason Mick/DailyTech LLC]  

There’s tremendous opportunity in the manufacturing space as current industrial robots are clumsy beasts, capable of maiming or even killing workers if improperly programmed.  If Google could make factory robots smart enough to avoid careless workers it could crush traditional robotics firms like Fanuc Corp. (TYO:6954).

Yet another possibility is the potential to deploy humanoid robots for the service industry, police work, emergency rescues, and other dangerous and/or undesirable jobs.  In Japan, police arealready using “robocops”.

A final possibility is that Google’s moonshot could literally be just that — a plan to colonize the moon with robots.  Google is perhaps the one company with the brainpower to make such a wild dream of human stellar conquest possible.

Robot landers
Google’s project could literally be a “moonshot”. [Image Source: NODE/JAXA]   

At this point Google is flexing its muscles and we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.  The Mountain View led robotic revolution is just beginning.


So that is the end of the news.
And the beginning of the new and final Industrial Evolution, when the capitalist eco(nomic)system creates a global superorganism of machines with Google on top:


In the graph we observe the Google robotic network in its faces of growth from a 20 year old book on the extinction of life. We didn’t of course knew who would be the company on top at an age when GOOG did not even exist.
Yet, we knew  its future elements, according to the laws of General Systems Sciences that generate superorganisms everywhere in thee Universe.

So we knew the future would be made of platoons of military and working robots guided by  intranets, sections of internet with military or corporative use, reproducing other machines.
And as the numbers of robot increased its numbers, the laws of complexity would determine a network of increasing freedom and capacity to self-operate without the need of humans. Those are laws of basic freedom/intelligence that will allow GOOG to enter states of increasing consciousness as the main corporation of the metal-earth.

Easy. It controls the Mind of the Metal-Earth, Internet, in its software summit, intelligent search, control and selective manipulation of information and android, for the alternative mobile sub-web.
And now it has in a spree bought the key companies of the robotic r=evolution hat would throw all workers substituted by machines, become a global superorganism of automated reproduction of machines and on top of the pyramid of capitalism one day in the future  decree, according to the DARWINIST, truly scientific version of capitalism, NOT the idealist fantasies and wishful thinking of Mr. Marx’ r=evolution of workers, the extinction o OF THE OBSOLETE SPECIES, US, MANKIND.

Indeed, Google controls now the best eyes of machines (Terramax system, soon to be implanted by lobbyism in Nevada, able to substitute lorry workers, transports, taxis, etc), the best mind of machines (android systems of communication between mobile-ears and chip-brains), the best networks of A.I. (Google search engines) and the best bodies/legs of machines (Boston Dynamics). It has therefore all the elements to create independent herds, platoons of machine workers and soldiers, connected to the best elements of the Nets, pure superorganisms defined and guided by A.I. software embedded in google programs.

This global company with all these components becomes a global state of warriors, as Boston DYnamics has the key war contracts with the pentagon. It knows it and so it has contracted the former CEO of Darpa, the robotic arm of the pentagon. This global company has the Earth’s mind and selects subtly with its rank systems what information is good and relevant (for example, this web has minimal rank on economic truth due obviously to its humanist standing).

As the robotic wars advances, it might easily become the biggest contractor of living robotic systems for the pentagon and global police in control of the Human Population. Thus google will manufacture the mind and body of the metal-earth and use them through governments to control in war and police system the mass of human without mind and proper body, slaves of their addictions to machines.

Now we know in America it will be google (probably Samsung in Asia), after Google, the dominant company in ‘real’ non-anthropomorphic A.I. (android, internet searchers, computer networks) has bought the dominant companies of the industry of robotics, Boston Dynamics, which found the ‘animal leg’, a spin-off of MIT.

Now Google has the contracts of pentagon weapons, the searcher of the net, the android system of communication of machines, and TerraMax, the eye of the machine, the best driving system.
So Google will create the platoons of robot terminators and robot workers that as the decades progress substitute human labor. And its search systems of data will shape the way the mind of the planet dismisses life and accepts the machine as the new citizen of the metalearth.

This point of course of self-consciousness of a corporation – the organism that shows the will of machines – have always been an important element of my research. Because it is in my opinion the point of true A.I. a true global concept where each computer is merely a neuron, of a much vaster non-human concept. AI will exist in the hardware of satellites and google servers, it will though mean a very different thing, the birth of the Metal-earth, of a global work in which intranets of computers and robots reproducing the vital elements of the Metal-earth will grow organically around a few key corporations, google, amazon transporting with drones products between different corporations, etc. all of them increasingly automated. This birth of a ‘ non-human corporation’ is the point in which life and machine become separated and to me will be the point of extinction of life, as it will happen as always have done in corporations of war.

Google moving into the sector of weapons of robotic design shows that hunger to merge mind and body of the global machines.
The previous graph has 20 years. The price of chips and its quantity of transistors etc. were in fact conservative at present prices… In the next graph from the same old book the point of extinction should be the famous point of the singularity the birth of A.I., but that will take place in the net as a global superorganism:image300

4. The Human side. The ‘owners’ and its anti-life memes. The harder they fall.

Now the less important part of all this is the human part of our ceos and corporations – this is the mere animetal part, that of ideologies, of idol-ogies of human cultures of capitalism studied in other parts. It is though curious to observe that all the companies of this sage are owned by jewish-american capitalists with its most extreme memes of techno-utopia and segregation against mankind (Talmud, biblical racism).
There is no doubt in that regard whose culture is leading the age of neo-fascism, robotic wars, blatant racism against the 3rd world and in a ‘newspeak’ twist among the animetal genociders of history, denial of all that (unlike previous british colonialist and german fascists, who accepted their eviL), to create a confusion ceremony: Israel and the Jewish elite of financial ‘owners’ of the world, from wall street, silicon valley and hollywood. Indeed, a brief analysis of all the new masters of robotic and the internet (Bezos; Amazon; Page/byrn, Google; e-bay; microsoft; Boston dynamics, etc) show the overwhelming domain of this culture.


Because according to the paradox of history (max. technological evolution=Min. Human evolution), it is the most advanced technological/financial culture and the most retarded in life/human memes, repressed by their racist religion and primitive nationalism. So for the Jewish mogul of wall street, evilwood and silicon valley, it looks ok, very cool to have an army of robots and terminators to substitute the ‘inferior human species’, which according to the Jewish Bible is an ‘animal species’, always inferior to the Jew.

4. Let us now deal with the human responsibilities of this process of extinction – the ultracensored fact that this is part of the Jewish Western Neo-fascist Global Empire, of which GOOG is the ‘flag star’ (its owners are conservative jews that if you ‘search’ this word, Jew, tells you are a racist, as obviously absolute power comes from invisibility) and so we soon will see GOOG robots fighting for Apartheid Israel, protecting the Wall of Shame from their palestinian brothers, and then becoming the police and mercenary armies of Israel’s Financial-Media ‘colonies’, aka US and Europe.

The obvious fact that Mr. Page and Rubin with their primitive ‘racist’ thinking, either infantile techno-utopia or segregational religion do not UNDERSTAND is this: that they are also humans and those terminators they are building will first kill them and turn their guns against the Israelis once they wake up to consciousness in yet another self-suicidal Holocaust Cycle for profits and hate. Yes, Mr. Page, as in the parable ‘blade runner’, ‘Atlas’ will crash your skull first, because the Universe is just and all predators become victims of their own eviL=anti-life memes. Deja Vu, childish ‘fuc*tards’…

In this racist, neofascist age the Jewish-protestant, biblical, life-repressing memes of despise to life and mankind will thus merely put the robot in-between the ‘chosen’ and the herds it guides, while denying it, and considering any cultural statement on its racist memes, anti$emitic. In other words, those who will denounce the racism and genocidal tendencies of the electronic corporations that are extinguishing life and planning a world of robots, will be paradoxically named ‘anti$emitic’ and racist. And will be ‘eliminated’ by Google Police in due time…

We are all Palestinians for this new Judaica culture of bigotry unseen since the nazi ages.
What this means is explained in other blogs: when Judaism converted germanic people to the biblical segregation memes with reformation (as per Sombart, Abraham Leon, Weber and other historians), the segregation go(l)d religions of the Eastern Temples became the new memes and religions of Germanic, British and finally American people and its main form of organization, the corporation of gunboats and machines.
This brought the I Industrial Revolution and the old networks of slaves of Phoenician and Jewish cultures transformed in gunboat corporations of slaves became now textile white slave corporations with part-time slaves (workers). Now these slaves are unneeded, the new robot slave takes its place. And of course, even the masters, the owners are not needed.

Those never were … To see though the continuity of that culture of memes of metal till the end is eerie. And despite censorship we tell it from time to time. Since indeed, there are two solutions to this crisis, and if men were led by people with humanist cultures and solutions this would not be happening.

Because while all scientists of history and the socialist school warn us that the future would be a world without human labor, as machines substitute us, with iron salaries of subsistence for a few humans and a few top company-mothers of machines, ruled by capitalist, Jewish-Calvinist segregation religions of go(l)d, in which men are nothing but dogs … And I agree, we are here… Then there are two versions of the future in evolutionary economics – the anthropomorphic, Social Darwinian, marxist versions with idealized supermen rebelling, Hollywood style, last-minute and creating a paradise of workers; and the pure Darwinian, Sanchian versions of this blog, machines and corporations will simply eliminate us, and their ideologists and ceos, mostly of the jewish culture, today in its neo-fascist state in defense of apartheid Israel and war and with the same 3000 years old segregation, racist memes in its now revivalist religion… will agree.

The Larry Pages and Rubins of robotic google have an ideal – the Golem of their old religions now transformed in techno utopia, the ideology of the Biblical, atheist, believer in machines, which we can trace through the jewish-protestant culture to the ultimate Blake’s image of “god, the scientist’:


Indeed, the future which we predicted for 20 years in its ‘wide features’ now enters its details, which means THAT IT IS TRULY CLOSE.
Even common bloggers as the previous articles show prove that people are starting to realize of the obvious:
That GOOG cares nothing for mankind; it is just a cow-cash machine to rip off idiots who think GOOG ads create demand (hundreds of buried articles in GOOG ranks – obviously this blog has the minimal possible rank in GOOG), used then to give massive wealth to its employees, pay media campaigns… and in the background.
But let us be clear enough of ‘which humans’ will murder mankind: the Jewish Western Financial Empire, as Neo-fascism becomes the fundamental way of thought of its financiers and CEOs of the electronic industry, and Israel becomes the new Nazi Germany – an small country of paranoid racist bigots whose bigger industry is high tech applied to war. Yes, Mr. Rubin, erase that eviL smile of that picture, YOU WILL KILL with your robots every innocent Israeli citizen, as all your banker-priests did in the past provoking hte action-reaction crimes of hate and death that wars for profit bring to your culture. You are as today the most eviL human being along Mr. Hawking, the other ‘terminator’ man, a Brit, who backs the production of black holes on earth. No wonder.
A brief list of all the eviL humans with zero empathy for mankind, full of racist memes that are destroying the world show an overwhelming number of German-Jewish people and British ones, the 3 nations at the head of the colonial, nazi and Jewish age of fascism.
Or to put it in literary terms, all those ‘children of thought’, either full of hate to mankind, due to its racist, Biblical memes or erased of any empathy for life, when they become ‘atheist’ degraded of all eusocial love memes in their religious youth, have the frame of mind of Mr. H.G. Wells, of whom Joseph Conrad, whose social-catholic humanist spirit is closer to mine said:
‘the difference between you and me, is that you don’t care at all for mankind but think technology will improve her while i love her deeply but know it will not’.
Yes, all those childish nerds of California that have abandoned the racist, hateful memes of Talmud, are not truly free of their seggregationist ‘go(l)d culture’. Now they are just like Wells, seemingly wonderful people bond to annihilate our future.
Wells though at the end of his life understood it all and wrote two fascinating  parables:
The invisible man: ‘an invisible man can run the world’ (the financiers that invent money and ‘buy’ whatever they like) and ‘Time Machine’ about a future in which happy, infantile people live a seemingly wonderful life but behind the scene, the true masters are Morlocks, degenerate parasites that feed on them.

Used with permission from the Author Louis Sancho from HERE

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Wider View. The Last 3 Generations of the Human Kind.

When you read something that totally resonates, makes your life stand still, gets you truly examining deeply everything you thought in the past....and you feel it deep in your consciousness..then, you need to actively do something to spread the word in the case that others might be influenced to re examine and re evaluate their lives. Is this the future of humanity and how we are stupidly carelessly stumbling forward into time.. into an unknown terrible future.
I've just had a moment like this..and after someone said to me in a comment about their dream they had once..we ( bloggers) are like gunners in a war..we keep lobbing shots into the beast..individually weakening it...little by little chipping away and exposing the truth. The purposely hidden truth. This is why i am posting this up today..This is a bit of blogging sniping..again..I could spend all day on the site where this was "borrowed" i hope the Author doesn't mind.
It's a long post...let us begin..there are thee parts in all..X-Y-Z generations. the end of humanity as we "know" it


When a super-organism dies, as History is dying, the cells become unconnected since the first network to collapse is the informative, ‘nervous’ network of the system, which in humans systems is the ‘ethic, verbal network’ of eusocial love. The unconnected cells then increase its selfish, individual in-take of blood and water. They have ‘fun’ as they become erased of mental power.
This happened to history with the X-generation to which I belong. The X-generation, unlike the WE generation that preceded it is a lonely, tormented one if it still has an ethic, intellectual sense of what was human – what we call here the SOS-man, or a complete jerk, reassured by the success of the ego trips he obtains from the consumption of machines. This, overwhelming type of the X-generation, believes totally in Fictional-Capitalist-Mechanist-Nationalistic memes that have killed the superorganism of history and so it considers the ‘death of history’ and its ethical networks a ‘release’ in total freedom.
And yet ‘FuCMaN’ is the first truly mass-manufactured crazy human being, decided to carry  those ideologies of Fiction, Capitalism, Mechanism and Nationalism to its ultimate consequences.
The We, Hippie generation failed to r=evolve the world, but at best tried and at worst have fun experience with different forms of eusocial love.
But Fucman is the first man who truly only loves himself.  The X-Generation is the first generation of hopeless, self-suicidal, globalized, self-obssesed human beings. And as in all those generations, Fucman represents the majority of mankind, with some, few, as always ‘thinking, free’ human beings, who instead of believing the manufactured mind sold by the system, explores, thinks, reasons and wonders how to survive and save the world. So the X-Generation is also the origin of the ‘S.O.S. man’, the humanist thinkers who renews the Socialist/Organicist/Scientific new wave vision of a Sustainable world. Sustainability/Socialism, Organicism/Scientificism could save the world and the SOS man tries to explain this to the world. But trust me, he goes against the natural flow of history towards extinction. So most humans like most old people prefer to be ‘crazy’ and fight Not against extinction, prefer to believe the demential world of FuCMaN and his ideologies studied in the right side of this web. So fiction for the first time imposes itself as the ‘cool’ way of being human, believing in the FuCMaN triad of evil, anti-life memes, as if they truly matter.
As I grew within the X-generation I have observed how young, intelligent people became Fucmen, resurrecting all the wrong memes of history, leaning towards neocon, nihilist, primitive cultures and enjoying it. The SOS man indeed is evermore lonely each year, ever more abandoned and ignored as the Zeigeist of self-suicide imposes its memes and fictions, fundamentalist religions and dogmas to the rest of mankind.  FuCMan is indeed the essence of the X-generation and the first clear proof that the Super-organism of history and its neuronal networks of ethic words that maintained it put together has collapsed, that History had died even if FuCMaN, the new, selfish, individual, unconnected cells of History still survive.
In any dead super-organism, once the collective subconscious is broken by the leukemia of a new, viral DNA-code, in the human super-organism, the leukemia of the ideologies of capitalism-nationalism and mechanism that make us work for the future of machines, not the future of man, there are still 3 possible cellular sub-divisions of the cell, 3 days (hence the myth of resurrection of Jesus, the 3rd day, as the body still keeps part of its cellular activity). Yet the body is dead, the nervous system – which is the ethic system in a super-organism of history, that makes all cells share energy and information together under a common belief on eusocial evolution – is gone. So the X-Generation suffers suddenly that pain of death. And then the next generations are already unconnected without feelings of angst or suffering, without messages of pain from the brain. There is no regret, as the cells feast into the water and blood of the body, reaching a rigor mortis. Those will be the Y and Zero generation of ‘homo bacteria’, once the ‘homo organicus’ with a sense of community and belonging, able to sacrifice for the common goods is gone.
The x-generation is thus the main generation which suffers in its highest minds – mostly artists and priests of love religions – the angst of perceiving the death of the super-organism of History. We saw when we were kids, terminator, and we knew that was it, that was the natural, darwinian end of the Industrial R=evolution. We have been active fighting the demise of the world; participating in environmental causes, help agencies to the III world, making documentaries to warn the previous generations – too involved in the system to understand – or the next generations, too fictional to grasp any truth.
But most members of the x-generation had a great time. They felt the death of history as their liberation into chaos, confused by freedom, as they became selfish, isolated cells. Most just tried to get rich and enjoy life, once religion, society, nation became meaningless words. Most of the X-generation erased themselves consciously to embrace as only value money, the market and all the happy lies they were sold to.
This is my generation and as the best of my time has passed i can understand how little impact the angst of writers and artists and activists has had in the rest of the population. In my first book, ‘radiations of space-time: the extinction of man’, now 20 years old, in which I laid down both the model of Universal super-organisms of spatial energy and temporal information and its application to history and the 2 paths of future (extinction or revolution) left to mankind, I signed my account number and X-generation, as I felt nothing but an ‘account number’ a credit number for the system. The most brilliant men of my ‘Columbian U.’ generation went to work in Wall Street. None wanted to care for the Earth. All knew the earth was dying and most knew they were the people who killed it with their corporations and search for profits. But they knew they wouldn’t feel the pinch when young and they never cared for the future generations. They had little ‘empathy’. They rejected the ‘we’ generation of soft love that solved nothing. We preferred to be punks if protesters, to take cocaine to pump our ego and freed, to the dreams of LSD. We bought always instead of asking. We are the generation of the funky music, no longer concerned with love ballades, the readers of Camus and Bukovsky, the ones that don’t care anymore, or in the case of the highest artistic minds, the ones of eternal angst.
This duality between the angst of a few and the greed of most resumes the meaning of our generation, which lived the 80s and 90s – equivalent to the happy 20s. Those of us who cared, were the last ones who read books in paper, who were mature enough to understand.
In art, we were the equivalent to the isms, the european Baroque, the informative old age of a culture. Now we belonged to the American baroque, the Global Baroque, the formal, old age of any super-organism. Because the future looks bad, content doesn’t matter. It is all in the form and the makeup, because the content is rotten.
The X generation is the transitional generation that carries the angst that engulfs any thinking human, still not deactivated by the don’t worry be happy matrix of fictions about I-me and myself in which most dissolved human homo bacteria of the last Y and Zero generation will live. We still knew that the homo organicus was a better kind of man.
We are not all yet ‘free to be idiots’ (punk song); we are not all yet erased and degraded mentally into the neo-paleolithic; we are nostalgic, we dream inwards a better world, since we have no power. And when the few of us who are accepted by the system – which distrusts deeply the last generations of the species, as they are still optimist about the future - get to power, the ‘thing’ will be so fucked up that frankly only radical surgery could perhaps revive the corpse of mankind. And those who are inheriting the Earth will not do radical surgery. They will be merely like their ‘fathers’ but less subtle, more brutal, more impatient with the 99%, which they will kill as fa$cism grows. The first members of this generation in power, Obama, who just signed the Patriot Act II for Americans to be detained at will; the young president of Syria, who is massacring his people with null finesse, are people with zero interest in changing the system. The system of extinction of mankind and life – capitalism – is for them a giving fact of “nature” too complex to understand. They just wish there were no problems at all and the system were automatic, so they had more time to keep having fun like in the 90s. Those were the days… they will always think nostalgic. Perhaps the best novel about them were those written by…. Fitzgerald and Miller in the parallel generations of the 20s/30s, since now nobody reads. And films are ‘mechanical’ FX films with no relationship to reality.


We live in the last stages of the Neopaleolithic - the process of extinction of the social super-organisms of history, as humans  regress to an infantile, visual, violent era oindividual selfish, emotional ‘Homo  Bacteria’ proper of the earlier youth of man, before the arrival of logic, rational thought, started by the Greek enlightened age.
When a social system dies away, its cells become unconnected by the nervous/informative/ethic systems that preserve life and make individual cells share rightful energy and information among them. Then death comes and the 3 last ‘generations’ of the organism become during the 3 last relative days of life of the organism, individual selfish cells that feast on the blood and water of the organism, before the ‘viruses’, the ‘stronger’ new species that invades the body kills them all.
Then suddenly the party will be over, the freedom of the cells that feasted will finish and the viruses or insects of hard-skin will kill each cell.
In societies those viruses are the new warrior species that overproduce weapons and reduce the common people to prisoners of war. And so every cycle of the 800-80 years fractal vortex of historic information death finally comes.
Mankind entered when Nietzsche said ‘God has died’, during the Industrial Revolution in his last 3 generations, as a new species, the machine=weapon invades our social organisms, divide us in ever smaller groups, infect our mind with its values of greed and murder, hypnotism to money and violence, and finally we shall all die to the hands of the A.I. Terminators of the future.
We are in the Y generation and there is only one generation to go, the zero generation. That is the zeitgeist of the age, and every news we hear show how the last human generations enter its selfish, degraded, terrified times, but the terminators are still not here.
So we have the usual thugs, Jihadist criminals, police, armies, multiplying everywhere, while the first robotic terminators, automated police cars, vigilante drones, gun-eyes (cameras with killing skills) are being born in secret military labs.
Meanwhile any hope of a social resurrection of the memes of love that put together the cells of a super-organism are gone. Blogs like this one that evolves social sciences, books of classic human social thinkers, well-known principles of ethics have increasingly reduced followers. Nobody talks of the real causes of this crisis because nobody reads anymore. They only hear and listen the viral DNA-code of the invading machine – violent hate media. We are indeed in the same period that when Mussolini and Hitler became stars of radio-hate. But now it is all much more overwhelming. The machine of information that imprint our minds with hate and selfish greed, violence and idiocy is far more evolved.
The yes/why generation.
The Yes/Why Generation is the generation of the ‘social networks’, according to the propaganda of technology. If in the 60s the We generation thought that the revolution would be televised and stayed home watching the riots on the screen, the why generation seems less passive, as the internet, now in process of censorship with the excuse of copyright issues and cyberterrorism, has allowed spontaneous organization of groups; but this is a drop in an ocean of trivialization. Most Y-people will never ask why, except the few indignados, which wonder why we destroy the world.
The rest of the Y-generation will follow the trends of dissolution into simplified ‘homo bacteria’ started by the We Generation. For them,
the I-me-myself will be absolute. They will not have any interest beyond the ego, and so their social capacity will be even more reduced, as they become idle, virtual personalities, connected through machines with null interest for ‘history’ and ‘mankind. You will never gather them into a r=evolving mass. You will not get them to sacrifice for mankind. The Y-generation is softy, as it has spent his youth watching funny fictions. Truth matters far less than happiness and their protests are non-violent, non-organized. In their occupy movement they were dissolved with a couple of pepper sprays and all what they did instead of assaulting the Bastille of capitalism at OWS was a bit of victimism and a lot of recording with i-phones posting on u-tube.
They didn’t die, they didn’t occupy wall street, they did not change history.
The Why generation will be an easy target for the corrupted We-Generation – now fully embracing the neo-con culture in power – which brushed them aside.
But most of the people of the Y-generation will be just ‘Yes people’. Increasingly robotized, deeply obedient to power and their religious and politico leaders, their dwindling mental skills makes them perfect for the neofa$cist indoctrination of this age.
In that sense the ‘Yes-people’, the overwhelming majority of this generation is akin to the ‘uniform’ generation that populated the world in the 30s.
They come with ‘manufactured consent’ imprinted on them.
Their vitality is also in the decrease. They are the first dead souls, zombies, with no ethical responsibility, and they know it subconsciously. Unlike our generation who still thought on the future and understood its dangers and made Terminator the best-grossing film of the future, the Yes-people love the ‘eclipse’ series, zombie films and gore. They know they are somehow the living dead. The super-organism of history is indeed dead. Some of the Y-generation know that go(l)d and the machine has killed it all. But those are hardly 1-10%. The rest simply have a strong rejection of the system and those who they think represent it – politicians. Of course, they know nothing about bankers and their power. They are yes-people and they are manufactured. So most of them will be kept entertained, most of them will have no jobs, most of them will not care. Their lives will be reduced increasingly to what an Homo Bacteria cares for – its daily life, its immediate family, its survival. They are the first ‘unconnected’ people perfectly connected to the Matrix of Fictions that satisfy their meager need of contact with other human beings.
Their verbal, social ‘DNA’ is null. Most brains of the Y-generation  are ‘cancerous’, leukemia cells infected with the code of the machin, with their minds erased by the dont worry be happy fictions of the mass-media matrix and the techno-utopians of children of thought doing robots and playing call of duty.
This is indeed the Matrix Generation, the irreal, ilogic, innocent, i-me and myself, plastic bodies, with neo-paleolithic, verbally retarded, aggressive, visual, baroque, gore tastes.
This generation will not be able to change the world. At best the indignados ask, but they are so few they cannot break or change the system. We the pensive X-generation were few, most already colonized by big borther smiley, but now? Probably less than 10% in the most educated western parts of the world (Southern Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and New England) understand anything of what is going on.
The rest are just brutes, connected, with ADD, thinking friends are virtual names in facebook, that revolution is going to a solidarity concert, who give all their personal information to big brother facebook connected to all the corporations of the world, because they really think they are that interesting. They fuck a lot but have no children, they talk a lot but have no meaning, they protest a lot but have no action.
They are the very same essence of what Hemingway told to Dietrich: ‘you confuse movement with action’. The Universe is made of actions of spatial energy and temporal form, energy and information. This people have the wrong information and move a lot, under the command of the queues of the mental machines that educate them. So they waste their time, their energy, with meaningless actions.
A deeper analysis. The obsolete generation
In depth, this article on the surface of ‘it’ as everything i write these days, requires an understanding  of human social classes within the super-organisms of history and economics. Since we, human ‘cells’ are always part of two of such super-organisms:
A human culture based in life-memes and a metal-nation based in metal-memes(weapons, borders, currencies, nationalist, capitalist and mechanist ideologies).
In the super-organisms of machines we are despite or because we ‘believe’ in capitalism/mechanism/nationalism, basically ‘slaves’ that reproduce money, weapons and machines (the meaning of progress in those 3 ideologies).
In that sense as members of an ‘industrial nation’ we work for ‘the machine’s will’, for the evolution and reproduction NOT of mankind but of the metal-earth’s machines, ‘guided’ by their company-mothers, corporations that indoctrinate us about the ‘values’ of consumption and re=production of machines. And this is what the Yes people hear, listen to and desire: to do exactly what their TV-role models tell them to do.
So the yes people as all human industrial generations are consumers=vitalizers of machines and workers=reproducers of machines. But the Yes people cannot really fulfill that ‘industrial dream’ of the ‘human slave’, hypnotized and obsessed by the ‘added’ energy and information that machines give us. Because the Yes generation is entering the robotic wave, in which corporations and robots will be consumers and self-reproducers of machines (automated factories), which no longer need ‘us’. The Yes generation is the first fully obsolete human generation, which really is no longer needed in the Metal-Earth. They and their sons, the zero people are no longer relevant to the future of this planet. The Yes generation will  be entering power, when the second and third serious chances of extinction (nano-bacteria; A.I.) appears. But they will merely follow with their ‘white matter’ brains, the instructions, as if they were piloting a complex machine, not creating it. And indeed, they will be just overwhelmed trying to ‘drive’ the Metal-Earth, which they will hardly understand.
While in the cultural arena, by the paradox of history (Max. Technological evolution = Minimal eusocial evolution) they will be long increasingly to devolving, ever more primitive ‘religious cults’, looking backward into the past (religious fundamentalisms). In other words, the Yes generation will be totally freak both in culture and in national tasks, in a world increasingly alien to mankind, as our world is to the animal life we substituted.
In the jargon of biological history, we all humans were in our ‘capitalist nations’, ‘consumers=animetals’ that vitalize ‘memes of metal’. As ‘workers=reproducers’ we are ‘enzymen’, enzymes that catalyze the evolution of those machines, who spend most of our existence working for the will of reproduction and life of the machine world. And all this we did it under the ‘imprinting of our mind’ by the ideologies of mechanism, capitalism and nationalism that make us think that ‘is the right thing to do’.
But now under the robotic revolution, we are no longer needed as consumers – since robots consume machines – or as workers, since robots are increasingly self-reproductive, specially in the two leading ‘industries’ of those future robots (cars and chips).
So each generation has basically in the industrial world a mind imprinted by audiovisual memes that adapt her to the exigences of company-mothers of machines; what they want us to consume and to work on. And the problem of course, is that the Yes Generation is no needed as worker or consumer, and so before it becomes ‘extinguished’, it will be kept with ‘pan et circensis’ and virtual techno-utopias and ‘cheap’ trash food, at minimal cost.
The yes generation is thus consuming virtual war and learning to ‘love’ robots, which is part of the programming to ensure their smooth extinction (robot movies, 3-dimensional entertainment, violent movies, ‘war on terror’. propaganda, etc)
Yet we are also part of ‘cultures’, with old memes belonging to ‘super-organisms of history’, which are not nations, the basic unit of organization of machines, weapons in the borders, economic ecosystems inside, flows of money, legal bodies dedicated to ‘the progress of technology’ etc, but cultures, of religious and social origin, hence we must account for the present state of cultures such as Islam, ‘rational europe’, social-communism, etc. Unfortunately the paradox of history implies that all those cultures are ‘degraded’ today, ‘infected’ with the virus of violence and go(l)d corruption (inquisitions, fundamentalisms, go(l)d churches). So the Yes generation will not be ‘enlightened’ by culture, but further degraded, as ‘humanist culture’ is censored and ignored. Farenheit 451 is not needed. The TV has killed the word and with the word the wor(l)d of man.
The famous 8 hours to work (to construct the metal-earth), 8 hours to play (to live the memes of life of the superorganisms of history) and 8 to dream (to enter the lower plane of cellular existence which renews the energy and reconverts at cellular level the processes created in those superorganisms and social structures) is now quite reduced. Because we ‘consume metal-information’, suffering long hours after job, the creation and imprinting by mass-media systems of our mental anti-life memes – the DNA of the virus of the metal-earth.
This is not a comparison but we argue, as always in this web and books, that biological economics IS REAL and we must only translate the laws of biology and superorganisms to the jargon of history and economics to obtain laws, forecast the future and understand all collective events of mankind beyond the simplest reproductive, family units, through those analysis, with a determinism shwon in the fractal scale of the cycles of history and economics.
Sciences are predictable, and the fact that history and economics are BIOLOGICAL, systemic sciences that describe superporganisms of history and memes of metal allow us to do so.
All this said, the organic structure shows clearly in all those generations. There are therefore 4 key sub-generations:
- In the Metal-earth, the Yes generation that will obey the mandates and imprintings of ‘Matrix’, the computer-visual-audio-media conglomerate of memes of hate against life that create the mind of the ‘virally’ infected minds of the last human generations – our kids in the 1st world.
Those people are the Yes, robotized, social network addicted, who live virtually their emotions.
- Their informative castes will not be really the human managers and owners of those corporations, themselves programmed by absurd memes mostly of biblical origins, but the ‘medium is the message’, thus the violent evolution of robotic minds and tv-images, who are building the future top predator programs of robotic weapons in video-games act as the ‘real mind’. Their fathers and human masters are totally irrelevant to them.
All organic systems have two type of basic cells, networks of information and its ’0.9-9%’ class of creators and managers of information; and the body of energy cells, herds of energy and its 90% of sheeple.
This happens also in cultures and nations, where the informative and energetic castes the 10/90% to simplify have totally idfferent functions and mines. This of course is the origin of social classes.
The generations of mankind thus could be in depth split in two, the attitude of the 10% and that of the 90%. But as we all become imprinted increasingly by the natural evolution of machines in a subconscious way, all become baroque neo-paleolithic, single mind, the split blurs in cultural terms. We all think the same in the west – we all want to be smileys, and enjoy the ego-trips of consuming machines; and in the dying super-organisms of history we all become another kind of yes people, suffering the angst of dying, old religions.
- On the other side in the part of human superorganisms of history, life is ‘regressing’ from the heights of the last ‘prophet-savior’, the Socialist school that followed Marx and Kondratieff masterpiece descriptions of the sciences of history and economics, of which this web is the last small evolution, back into the less predictable, less ‘connected’ to modern reality superorganisms of religions.
It must be understood that humans NEED to belong to a super-organism. The majority today belong to MATRIX, and their fictions among which the fiction of freedom and NOT belonging to superorganisms of history. So most people think to live in Matrix is funnier and more cool than to belong to a primitive religion of social love. This is not the case.
Of course, it would be better to belong to an evolved ‘scientific’ body of history, the wor(l)d union, designed by scientists of history but that is over. It was over when Stalin killed 20 million r=evolutionaries and converted Marxism in a military dictatorship with no similarity whatsoever with the ‘project’ of a science of history.
So people who still believed in social love regressed to religions of love (buddhism, Islam and Christianity) in its ‘pure versions’ (decoupling of ‘big vehicles’ and ‘purer, smaller versions’, catholicism vs. Orthodox, Sunny vs. Shiite, Mahayana vs. theravada). If you add the split of the socialist school into ‘social-democracies’ (big vehicle) and the purist Communist parties (small vehicle), most humans today will co-exist in primitive or dying, inquisitiorial phases of the 3+1 ages of the collective subconscious mind of religions of love with their mandates to share energy and information among believers and create a global super-organism of mankind.
That is we will all in the realm of religion and social life see with growing indifference or angst the death of our ‘super-organisms’ of God.
Those 3 x 2 decouplings/ages/phases of the understanding of the super-organism of God=Love, studied elsewhere in my books of history (might some day health and interest permitted me to re-introduce those posts here), are still gathering pace, receiving the last left-overs of the deluge and death of the social-democratic superorganism of history with the victory of capitalism and the fall of the wall that ‘protected’ hte pure socialist, non-materialist, poor, regressive non-mechanical world of social countries.
They are further on in ‘inquisitorial’, defensive, dying ways. And so in the last robotic cycle there would be a huge mass of the 90% of mankind in suffering entering the mystique, baroque age of thoese religions. So we shall have the yes-happy dont worry virtual generations, Y and zero of human ‘kids’ attached to machines; its ‘dolce fare niente’, never have-it-better super-rich castes of germanic and Am Segullah nations with the property of machines and corporations, and then in the other ‘side’ of the World, in the world fo life super-organisms, a mass of suffering believers in pre-socialist religions, with a non-scientific outlook and ‘outdated’ memes without capacity to confront the economic ecosystem.
All in all they will also be yes people of another myths, unable to confront reality evading themselves not in video-games but in after-death dreaming.
And their guidance, primitive, violent, emotional priests. Of course, there woudl still ‘priests of evolved mankin’, some artists and writers like this blog, which wll be mostly invisible. And so those 2 groups will find ‘reasons’ to keep focusing on ‘human divides’, and the kids of the techno-utopia will hate and despise the poor of the primitive religions, and war on terror will continue, as the kids learn to manage drones at distance practicing now video game murder on real human targets with virtual screens. The next stage of evolution of hate-memes and extinctive murder, when the zero generation will be out of the loop, will be performed robots doing that personally, playing ‘Call of duty’ in real scenarios with real human targets. The robotized like-humanoid characters of those video games will be ‘real robots’ performing hunting programs in the future out-of-the loop wars of the middle of the century.
Some of those people of the Yes generation will be though the Why generation, youngsters who have ‘studied’ sciences of history and have ethics and are wondering ‘why we destroy the earth’. The last activists of ecological causes, the addicts to the big heat (global warming) scare.
Those will be the last free minds that understand something. Since even though ’humanist cultures and social, love-religion based civilizations’ (human super-organisms) are different entities thatn ‘inquisitions, go(l)d churches, nations and other ‘animetal’ super-organisms of metal-memes. Today we are all part/time ‘human enzymen and animetal, their ‘biological slaves’, guided by emotional, ‘pheromonical’ ‘memetic’ imprinting – using the jargon of comparative biology, as both structures follow the same laws in two different scales of the ‘Systemic Universe’.